It may have taken three years to find the time and inspiration to write and direct my next short film, but 2014 began as a promising year, which led me to put more emphasis on personal projects. The result is a short fiction film titled "Another Day," which I am currently shooting over a one-week period.

In a nutshell, the film focuses on a married couple struggling with the fact that their relationship is coming to an end. The basic idea for "Another Day" originated in 2011, when I started writing one long scene that would eventually turn out become this film's spine.

Jessica Quiles and Chance Denman are the two wonderful actors taking on the story's two characters, and even though we just started shooting, I can already tell their performances will take the writing to a much higher level.

"Another Day" is mainly set in Los Angeles, with some key scenes being shot in Littlerock, CA and the Palm Springs desert. Other locations include the Hollywood Hills and the Pacific Coast Highway between Santa Monica and Malibu.

My goal with this film is to provide audiences with a relatable story about a love lost and the struggle to hang on to hope in a relationship that is not going to last. The story draws a nice contrast between the beautiful memories we tend to hang on to, versus the harsh reality of accepting that we can find ourselves powerless when love fades away...