When you're shooting a super low-budget independent short, and time and resources are limited, things can change and adjustments need to be made, quickly, and without compromising the planned outcome of your creative product.

On the last day of shooting for my short "Another Day," we were supposed to travel to a remote road outside of Palm Springs, in the middle of the desert, to capture the film's climactic moments during sunset. But the challenge of racing against the sun was the least of our problems. 

Construction along the highway estimated the travel time to three and a half hours as opposed to the regular two hours. Long driving times and only a short filming period led me to switch things around a bit in the script, and as a result, we ended up heading back to Littlerock, CA.

The location of our second to last day of shooting impressed me with gorgeous views and an inspiring freedom to film wherever I desired, so I wanted to take some more advantage. We shot one scene in the middle of what looked like a deserted road, followed by the film's final scene, which we shot in a vast, open field.

My two great actors Jessica and Chance were great sports and gave me their best, despite the SoCal heatwave hitting us all with ridiculously high temperatures. We hustled along and got some great footage, before proceeding to celebrate the wrap of production. 

Check out the ungraded still from the day four shoot above. It is a personal favorite, and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful shots I've captured until now. 

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