With the majority of the shoot done and done, we had two shorter scenes left to capture, and on the third day of physical production for "Another Day," this journey took us to the small town of Littlerock, CA, just over an hour out of Hollywood. 

I chose to shoot in the Littlerock area for several reasons. First, it provides gorgeous views of the plains and hills surrounding the Angeles National Forest. I also wanted to shoot in a spot where we wouldn't attract much attention, and the little community of Littlerock was the perfect choice. 

This is a place where you can shoot in the middle of a road without a car passing through for an hour. It is a place where no police officer stops you to ask for permits. It's also a place with train tracks stretching across the vast plain.

Once scene took us to a residential street graced with gorgeous, large trees. The final scene took us to the aforementioned train tracks. I wanted both scenes shot during sunset, so racing against the sun proved a bit of a challenge, although it worked out quite well in the end.  

Both scenes we shot on day three will be without audio in the final cut, which means I could talk to my cast and give directions while the camera was rolling - an obviously easier and faster process when you are short on time and you lack the luxury of multiple takes. 

A majority of the footage we captured turned out really nice, as evidenced by the screenshot above. As usual, ungraded, shot flat.