The second of four shooting days for my short film "Another Day" has come and gone, and today we captured the film's longest scene; the main spine of the story, which is set in a bedroom and features all of the movie's dialogue between the two leads.

Of course, when you are working with cameras that might as well be considered computers, things are bound to go wrong, and before we even started shooting the first scene of the day, I encountered issues connecting my 5D Mark III bodies to my IKAN VH8 external monitor. 

For reasons unknown to me, the connection between the two sometimes works, and it sometimes doesn't. Needless to say, I decided to ditch the monitor so we could get going, and with that, a successful day of shooting kicked off - without any more technical issues popping up along the way.

I'm someone who likes to use as much natural light as possible when I shoot my own shorts, and for this interior scene, I was able to achieve just that. I did end up using one bulb inside a china ball to get a slight rim lighting going on Natalie, the female lead character, but that's about it in terms of artificial lighting. 

Considering this is an overall sad, dramatic scene, I opted for a generally darker feel I can minimally adjust in post (see ungraded screenshot above). The shoot went well and we wrapped two hours early, which goes to show a set does not need to be a boring, slow-moving experience on a mini-budget independent short film production.

This is exactly what "Another Day" is. I'm pulling the costs for this tiny film out of my own pocket, opting to shoot, direct, edit and color correct the whole thing myself. I see such personal projects as challenges and opportunities to learn from mistakes and experiences and further grow as a filmmaker looking to create more fiction projects in the next couple of years.

Above, a quick look at a screenshot from today's shoot. Ungraded, of course, shot very flat on the 5D Mark III. Lenses used today: 16-35mm II USM, 24-70mm II USM & 70-200mm IS II USM.